Sunday, 20 July 2014

I'm back!

I didn't mean to go so long without writing a blog post but I didn't feel I had anything to say. I haven't picked up any sort of needle since the beginning of the summer so have nothing new to report on the crafting front.

I have done lots of running Dad backwards and forwards to various hospital and Doctors' appointments and we haven't finished yet! Mum starts next week too! She is having a cataract removed the week after next and she has her pre-op appointment on Wednesday.  I have also done my body weight in shopping as well as some cleaning for them. I have also being trying to get on top of my own house and have done a little bit of decorating.

I have started having Little Gromit 3 days a week now DD has gone back to work.

Little Gromit is now 5 & a half months old! He is a very happy little chappy too!

He loves his 'taxi' 

He loves his food and has started to be weaned.

He loves being out and about and steals hearts wherever he goes! He has a very endearing smile even if I say so myself!

He spends so much time in supermarkets he will be able to run one by the time he is a year old!

He is interested in toys now!

He is on the move! He is able to sit up and his sitting balance is quite good for his age, he is also trying to get his knees under him, getting ready for crawling.

He still doesn't sleep through yet and can have his moments trying to get to sleep at bedtime!

I am thinking about getting some projects done for Christmas, I need to pull my finger out and get on with them! My friend, J, and I go to the Festival of Quilts on the 7th & 8th of August so hopefully, that will inspire me to get on with some quilting!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

What I've been up to!

Now, I am supposed to be working on my FAL Q2 projects(I haven't finished any of them yet!) but I've got side tracked.

In this box there are the beginnings of 2 quilts for presents.

One is a Granny Squared and the other involves 9 patch and snowball blocks.

In this box is the beginnings of a X & plus quilt. I have wanted to make this quilt for a bit.

And of course cutting out for one quilt makes scraps! So what do you do with scraps? Start another quilt of course!

The one project of my FAL Q2 projects I really wanted to get finished is this cardigan because I wanted to take it with me on holiday. Well! I go on holiday next Saturday and it isn't finished! 

It quite close to being finished but not close enough so it will be travelling to Scotland in bits and I'll try and do a bit more to it while I'm away.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

3 months old!

Our little man is 3 months old already!

The time flies!

He is continuing to smile and laugh lots and he is beginning to get that deep, no holds barred belly laugh. He still sleeps well on the move but his night sleep pattern is a bit erratic. He loves singing and music. He has started chewing his fists and putting things in his mouth. He is taking notice of toys, other people and our animals. He has good head and trunk control. As he is so long he looks older than he is.

Meg likes to say 'hello'. She is back to her normal mad self which is good to see.

Monday, 7 April 2014

FAL -2014 Quarter 2

Quarter 1 of 2014 is over, where did it go? and it is time to sign with Katy of The Littlest Thistle for Quarter 2

I had itemised 6 things to complete in quarter 1 and failed to finish any of them although I've now finished Little Gromit's nursery curtains.

So I am trying to set myself up to achieve rather than fail this quarter. I am listing things that are well underway. 

This is a jelly roll race quilt that I started for my friend as a 50th birthday present. She was supposed to receive it before her 51st birthday, well, she is 52 next month so I really want to get this finished and delivered to her (She lives in Sheffield and is my best friend from school, we have been friends for over 40 years) 
It needs to have its' borders on & then it needs backing and quilting. I've got the borders but I haven't anything suitable for backing it.

This  quilt was on last quarter's list and I did move forward with it. I've got to add 4 more rows to complete the quilt top, then it needs backing and quilting. I've got the backing but it needs piecing. 

These 2 quilts for Little Gromit were on Quarter 1's list and again, they are well on their way. I pieced the backs over the weekend. One is basted up for quilting and the other one is half basted.

I've got one knitting project on this quarter's list

I want to complete this by the time I go to Scotland on holiday in the middle of May. The back and fronts are now finished and I've started on sleeve 1.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

2 months old! & poor Meg!

2 months old!

Little Gromit looks much less newborn and is now smiling lots, cooing and gurgling. He is making eye contact with you and is beginning to copy your mouth movements. He loves laying on the floor and having a good old stretch, he also has good head control. He loves his bouncing crocodile and he is beginning to watch T.V. He weighs over a stone, has a good appetite and his sleep pattern is improving, He still sleeps well on the move. He still has a sticky right eye and has had some issues with skin rashes that appear to be related to a cream but these seem to be resolving.

On the other hand poor Meg hasn't been doing so well. Last Thursday the Oh! Bearded One! had taken her out for a longish walk. They were on their way home when they encountered another staffie. Meg was on the lead, the other staffie wasn't. Meg doesn't like other dogs coming up behind her and will give warning growls. On this occasion the other staffie wasn't warned off, just the opposite, it attacked her. It latched onto her left leg and wouldn't let go. She also has a wound in her armpit. She has had to have wounds cleaned up and had to have a drain in. She has been very miserable and quite worried and snappy if we have tried to touch her legs or paws. This worries me no end as she wasn't like that, she would let me do anything, I've taken stitches out twice now. She needs these stitches out next week so I'll see how I get on, if she lets me take them out it will be less stressful than going to the vet.

She has been brighter today. She has been trying to play with her toys, except the cone of shame got in the way and she has been sun bathing which is her second favorite thing to do.

FAL-2014 & OPAM for March

Although I have had finishes over the last month or so, I haven't finished anything on my FAL list.  

Although 'Stepping Stones' isn't finished it has moved forward a lot so it goes onto the next quarter's list.

This quilt hasn't been touched and I'm going to leave it for now.

This is Little Gromit's quilt. I'm piecing the back at present and I really need to finish it so this definitely goes forward to the next quarter. His curtains were also on the list. I've had to make 3 curtains, 1 is completely finished and the other 2 need the hems hand sewing so these also go forward. 

This waistcoat was also on the list and although the back is finished and a front has been started the waistcoat is nowhere near finished.

 My March OPAM finishes are as below

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A new friend!

Meet my new friend!

A Singer 201k hand crank sewing machine! A snip at £19.80 from a local antique and collectables centre.

The outside of the machine is worn but not in really bad condition but the inside of the machine looks pretty new considering it is 56 years old, rather like me really!

It's serial number dates it as August 1958, made in Scotland. 

Someone has stenciled 'BEC' on the bed of the machine. This was presumably one of its' owners and someone has had a go at trying to remove it and not been successful so I am going to call it 'Bec'.

I have wanted a hand crank machine for quite a while. I am very cross with myself for letting my Mum get rid of her Singer 99 hand crank machine which was in fantastic condition - I learnt to sew on that machine. I really would like a black Singer 201 or 99 but as this machine sews well I am very happy to have this for now until I am successful in obtaining just what I really want.