Tuesday, 11 November 2014


.................has rather got in the way over the last month/six weeks.

My Dad has been ill again. He came out of hospital just over 2 weeks ago, having spent 3 weeks in there and he has been back in nearly a week again. He has had 5 hospital admissions this year. He has a lot of health issues that interact with each other. 
Mum isn't coping looking after him at home so we have made the decision for him to go into a local Care Home.  We are hoping he stabilises out a bit, being looked after 24/7.

I have been doing a bit of sewing where I can. I joined Terry's Charming Stars along. I had a lot of charm squares from another quilt I'm making and I wanted to use them and this pattern was ideal. We are supposed to be doing 4 blocks a month but I've got rather carried away and done them all and also made 32 nine patch blocks to make a quilt large enough for my king size bed.

 The design layout isn't very clear on this photo but the stars form a diamond with a star in the middle and in each corner.
All the blocks are made and sewn into rows. I am going to 'quilt as you go' so I've sewn the rows into 2 x 2 rows and 1 x 3 rows. Today I've prepared the backing but I still need to prepare the wadding.

There is a good drop to the top, bottom and sides

I've finished all the blocks for these 2 quilts I'm making for presents and they have been arranged in rows ready for sewing into the tops.

I need to pull my finger out to get these finished, especially the first one as that is for Christmas.

I continue to look after 'Little Gromit' at least 3 days or nights a week, depending what shifts DD is on.

The flowers in this photo were from my birthday which was in October. It was the third year in a row that Dad was in hospital for my birthday  - some sort of record!

I am also doing some Christmas knitting!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday, 3 October 2014

October FNWF

It's the first Friday of the month so it is.........

It's been a Little Gromit day so no time to prepare so it is going to be a..........

hand stitched 9 patch evening!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Friday's FNSI

I finally made it through a whole 'Friday Night Sew In' , mind you I did start at 3 pm in the afternoon

I got Little Gromit's Advent stocking bunting completely finished!

I completed these 6 'Granny Squared' blocks completed on Friday.

I now have 3 more blocks to do, then I have enough to complete the quilt top.

I have joined in Terry's Treasures 'Charming Stars' quilt along which runs over the next 4 months. I've got September's blocks done!

Friday, 19 September 2014

September FNSI

It's September's 'Friday Night Sew In' tonight.

In previous months I've signed up but then not taken part for one reason or another but The Oh! Bearded One is out at Scouts so I've no excuse. In fact I've been sewing since about 3 pm. I'm on a break just now whilst I cook tea.

I'm working on these blocks, I've sewn 3 & a half so far today. I've 5 & a half to sew, then I'll have enough for the proposed quilt top.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


There are 93 3.5 inch 9 patch blocks here! I am very sad but they make me very happy! I added 7 more last night. I really enjoy making these blocks and have ideas to use them in other quilts.

I've made up 5 double 9 patch blocks ( this pattern was in a Fons & Porter magazine)

Each block has 3.5 inch wide sashing and a 9 patch as a cornerstone.

Unfortunately I didn't buy enough of the brown fabric for the size of quilt I want to make so I will have to buy further fabric for this in due course. I think I will use the brown fabric around the outside of the quilt  and buy a lighter fabric to surround the other blocks. 

These blocks are also 3.5 inches and are made from 5 inch charms. These are also hand stitched. I've no idea what I'll use them for but they are very cute!

Another Christmas present as well.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Puttering continued!

I am managing to get some sewing in most days at present which is fantastic!

Little Gromit's quilt is complete, washed and in it's new home - hooray!

That's one ticked off the list!

I've got my snowball blocks completed and I've a crop of HSTs to add to a good few others I've got. I put them all in a tin today, I've no idea what I'll do with them but I can't just throw them out!

Now I've completed the snowball blocks I can put the quilt top together. 

I've joined Terry's sew along. I've made one of four blocks for September so far.

I've cut 2 more quilts out - another quilt for Little Gromit - to use at my house and one for a male recipient whose next birthday is a special one. 

Little Gromit, after his tea and before his bath!